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November 30th Happy Hour at PhD

Hi folks,

We're holding the next Pints & Politics Happy Hour at PhD, 1300 W Davis St at the corner of N Clinton on Tuesday, November 30th from 5:30-6:30 PM. Let's meet up on the patio.


October 26th meetup at PhD

Hi everyone,

We're holding the next Pints & Politics at PhD, 1300 W Davis St at the corner of N Clinton on Tuesday, October 26th from 5:30-6:30 PM. Hope to see everyone there!

November 2nd Constitutional Amendment Election information

The November 2nd Election is coming up. We have 8 constitutional amendments to vote on here in Oak Cliff. For the League of Women Voters description of the amendments click here. Here is the Texas Tribune's description.

Early voting locations near us include the Martin Weiss Recreation Center off of Clarendon and Westmoreland, the Oak Cliff Sub-Courthouse on Beckley, and the Dallas College-West Dallas Center on Hampton. Early voting begins on Monday October 18th ends on Friday, October 29th.

September 28th Meetup at Sylvan Ave Tavern

Yes indeed, it is time for another face to face meetup with your friends, neighbors, candidates and adult beverages. We'll be meeting at 5:30 on Tuesday September 28th at the Sylvan Ave Tavern in the Sylvan 30 complex at the intersection of Sylvan Ave and Fort Worth Ave. It's on the 2nd floor of the building that has Whisk on the first floor. Please bring a mask to stay COVID safe. We have a shaded porch area available with good ventilation if the weather is conducive.

August 31st Happy Hour at Cannon's Corner Irish Pub

Hi everyone!

We are planning on our next in person Pints & Politics Happy Hour at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, August 31st. We'll be at Cannon's Corner Irish Pub, 1314 W. Davis St at N. Edgefield. I'll grab a table for us. It's very likely to be hot, so we'll meet inside in the cool. Please bring a mask even if you are vaccinated as we try to keep the spread of the Delta variant down.

July 27th Happy Hour at Nova

Hey everyone, it's July and time for another monthly get together. This month we will be at Nova, 1417 W. Davis at the intersection with Windomere. We will meet around 5:30ish on Tuesday July 27th out on the porch. We can discuss great things to do in DC if you are a Democrat, such as avoiding the State Legislature!

June 29th Pints & Politics at Ten Bells Tavern

Hey, join us on Tuesday June 29th around 5:30ish at Ten Bells Tavern. We'll be under the canopy outside if the weather permits. Ten Bells is located at 7th and Madison, just east of Bishop Arts.

May Happy Hour + Early Voting for Municipal Runoff Elections

Hey folks, just a reminder. We are having our first in-person Happy Hour on Tuesday May 25th at 5PM. We'll meet at PhD, out on the covered patio to chat! For those who don't know, PhD is the sports bar at the intersection of N. Clinton and W. Davis. See you there!


Another reminder, for those of you in City Council districts 2, 4, 7, 11, 13 or 14 early voting has started for the runoff. As you are probably aware, in Dallas County you can vote at any polling place in the county. Since only a couple of the districts include parts of Oak Cliff, this probably won't concern most of you. If you don't know which district you are registered in, check the Dallas County Elections web page.

No Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day + happy hour

So for those who are not aware (Mexi-woke), Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. That is September 16th, between my birthday and my sister's, so naturally that's when mamacita would celebrate both events. Just sayin, it's a no brainer. Anyway for those who didn't follow Mexican history (a convoluted and sordid tale), the holiday celebrates the Battle of Puebla in 1862 where the Mexican Army (such as it was) won a battle against the French, who subsequently won the war and occupied Mexico for the next 5 years. And supported the Confederacy, mostly by buying smuggled cotton produced by Texas slaves. So many layers to Mexican history...

Anyway, with all of that said, May is upon us, and it's time to get back to in-person happy hours. This month will be held on May 25th from 5-6PM at the PhD on Davis at Clinton. Lots of room on the porch, good ventilation. Unfortunately I will have to depart early as I have some volunteer training to do at 6. Please wear a mask as not everyone is vaccinated yet, just sayin.

So for those who are not aware, Municipal elections are pretty much over in Oak Cliff, so no runoffs for most of the districts. Chad West (1), Omar Narvaez (6) and Casey Thomas (3) were re-elected outright. Carolyn King Arnold (4) will be in a runoff in June against Maxie Johnson.

Oh, and just to cap it off, the Texas House passed SB 7, the voter oppression bill that will make voting significantly more difficult and perhaps dangerous for Texas Democrats. No doubt Governor Abbott will sign it. We'll have a lot to discuss, and certainly this will be fought in the courts.


April showers and May flowers

Municipal Election

We have a municipal election coming up on May 1st (Workers of the World Unite!). Here's some info for those who are uncertain about where to vote in this election and when. Remember that due to lower expected turnout, the number and locations of polling places is likely to change. If you can do it, vote early just in case you have some sort of issue on election day.

Early Voting Starts: Next week Monday, April 19

Early Voting Ends: Tuesday, April 27

Election Day: Saturday, May 1

For more information on the upcoming election, ballots, voting locations, and to confirm your registration see the Dallas County Elections Department web page.

Next Zoom Meeting

Our next virtual meeting (Online Pints & Politics) will be Tuesday, April 27th, the last Tuesday of the month. If you are not on our mailing list, sign up on the web site so that you can get the Zoom information. Last month we had our neighbor and County Commissioner, Elba Garcia DDS join us. I'm going to ask State Representative Jessica Gonzalez staff to join and give us an update on the current legislative session.

May Happy Hour

We are going to shoot for an in-person happy hour, May 25th from 5:00-6:00ish at PhD, 1300 W. Davis St at N. Clinton by the Kessler Theater. Nice covered porch, good ventilation, get back together face to face again.


Is Dallas QAnon curious?

For those who have been reading the news recently, you found out that apparently the God and Country Patriot Roundup (apparently QAnon is all about God and Country) will be held at the city owned Omni Hotel. Nothing surprising so far, no mask no worry! Open carry and open hate!

Oh, and to make it better, Gilley's is also holding events. Good times for all, walking down Botham Jean Blvd. from the Omni to Gilley's. Drinking, carrying guns and listening to the words of wisdom from Mike "Guilty as Sin" Flynn and Sidney "You're Kraken me up" Powell. Let the sedition begin!

We the people have a voice in all of this. Let our elected officials know that this is not what we want in our town. This is a clear and present danger to public safety. We don't want Dallas to be used for promoting violent organizations that are, as the FBI describes them, "domestic extremists". Since so many seditionists went to Washington from Frisco, maybe it should be held there.

Contact by email and phone the mayor Eric Johnson 214-670-3301 as well as all of the City Council members at this link:

Call the Omni Hotel at 214-744-6664

Call Gilley's Dallas at 214-421-2021

Talking points:

1. Danger to public safety from the same crew that stormed the Capitol.

2. Demand that the public be kept safe from armed, violent extremists.

3. Ask what the plan is to protect the immigrant children we are hosting in the convention center next door.

Tell your friends and neighbors. We need to shut this one down now.

#nohateindallas, #nodallasQcon



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