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Virtual Happy Hour tomorrow, Tuesday November 24th

Hey just a quick reminder we will have our monthly virtual pints and politics happy hour on Tuesday November 24th from 5:30-6:30PM. Login details are in the reminder email sent to everyone on our list.


Georgia Senatorial runoff reminder

As most of you are aware, we have very few local races going to a runoff. The high profile races are in Georgia where the Republicans are trying to keep two incumbents in place against very strong Democratic challengers.

One way to help is to support Fair Fight, the organization that Stacey Abrams founded to mobilize Georgia voters. Really worked well for Biden's campaign, and I'm sure contributed to the Warnock and Ossoff runoffs.

You can also support the New Georgia Project to bring young voters to the polls and engage them in the political process.

Pints & Politics Virtual Happy Hour Tuesday October 27th!

Pints and Politics Virtual Happy Hour

Just a reminder, we have our monthly Virtual Happy Hour coming on Tuesday October 27th from 5:30 to 6:30. Zoom info is in the email sent out prior to every meeting. If you are not on our email list, please register through the website Contact page.

Voter Intimidation by Armed Militias

So what do you do if you think a group is intimidating voters at a polling place? Interesting problem, unfortunately likely somewhere in Dallas County during this election. Georgetown Law has put together not only guidance on what constitutes voter intimidation, but also state by state guidance on what constitutes unlawful militias. Keep in mind that carrying weapons into a polling place is illegal in Texas, as would be brandishing them to threaten voters. When in doubt, document using video and still photos, call election protection at 866-687-8683 and, if you feel your safety is threatened, call 911.

Georgetown Law's fact sheet on voter intimidation laws is worth reading for background on what is considered illegal intimidation activity. The Georgetown Law fact sheet on unlawful militias in Texas is also worth reading to understand what constitutes an illegal militia. It's on the ICAP unlawful paramilitaries information page. Keep in mind that since Reconstruction, such militias have been banned in Texas.

Send these links to your friends, elected officials and people you know in law enforcement. Don't allow armed gangs to intimidate voters or prevent the expression of free speech.

Online Discussion

Social Venture Partners is presenting an online discussion on Tuesday, October 13th.

Nan Aron (Alliance for Justice), Mimi Marziani (Texas Civil Rights Project), Justin Moore (Civil Rights Attorney), and Miguel Solis (Dallas ISD Trustee) discussing political issues most pressing for our communities, their histories and potential, as well as outlining how people and organizations might powerfully collaborate to shape them.

Zoom link



Early Voting Starts October 13th

Hey fellow Democrats, just an FYI. Early voting begins on Tuesday October 13th for the general election on Tuesday November 3rd.

A couple of notes on planning your vote:

  • This will be a very heavy turnout election, so plan for long lines and waits for in person voting depending on which day and what time you vote.
  • In Dallas County you can vote at any early voting location or on election day at any Voting Center. Go to the Dallas County Elections Department web page for more information on locations and times. Heaviest early voting days are the first and the last day of early in person voting. Lightest tend to be Saturdays and Sundays.
  • If you want to vote absentee (i.e. by mail) the deadline to request a ballot is October 23rd. However it is very unlikely you will receive a ballot in time to vote it and return it. If you or a family member is planning on voting absentee, get those requests in now! Keep in mind that this year a lot of people have requested ballots, so the elections department is backlogged. Also note that there will only be one drop off location and returning it by mail before October 27th will be faster and more reliable. Trust our postal workers to get it there in time.
  • If you want to vote on election day, you can vote in any of the 463 Dallas County Voting Centers. The elections department has a polling place finder so that you can find one close to where you live or work.
  • If you requested an absentee ballot, but didn't return it, and then choose to vote in person bring the ballot, envelope, etc. with you to the Voting Center to surrender it. If you don't you will have to submit a provisional ballot
  • Dallas County Elections

Fundraiser for Joanna Cattanach 10/6/20

Joanna Cattanach (TX-HD-108) is in a rematch.  In 2018, the result was 50.1 to 49.9.  She lost by 0.2%.  We can flip that seat!!  There are many others that are similar to this.
Event Date:  Tuesday, October, 6, 2020
Time:  6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. PACIFIC time

Sunrise Movement Teen High School Climate Town Hall

The electoral volunteering team is in dire need for more youth volunteers to call, text, and write postcards for Democratic politicians in the D/FW area who have agreed to support the Texas Green Deal. This Climate Town Hall is directed for teens in the Dallas area to promote volunteering for the Sunrise Movement Dallas. The climate crisis is a core focus for Gen Z.

This will be a panel format in which Isabella Olsen and Regina Cuadra from CityLab HS in Dallas will moderate and ask questions to speakers: Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos, Candidate for State Rep. Jasmine Crockett, and Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez.

Monday, October 5th, @6:30-8:00 PM CST

Biden your time? Want to do some debate prep? Join us Tuesday!

Our debate prep happy hour is still on for Tuesday at 5:30. Warm yourself up for Don the Con in one corner and Sleepy Joe in the other...who will go down first? Will truth and logic win out or will it succumb to the babble from the orange haired huckster of fact free logic?

I am sending out the Zoom link to our email list. Subscribe through our contact page.


Virtual Pints & Politics Happy Hour on Tuesday September 29th @ 5:30 PM

Hey folks,

Our next virtual Pints & Politics Happy Hour will be Tuesday, September 29th from 5:30-6:30 PM. To get the Zoom meeting information please sign up on the web site for our newsletter.

As many of you know, Oak Cliff resident Chrysta Castaneda is running for the Texas Railroad Commission. This is a critical race in view of the current effects of both CO2 emissions and methane releases. The RRC regulates oil and gas production and pipelines in Texas. It has direct authority over flaring, which wastes resources and adds to global warming. Please get one of her yard signs and support her campaign. For more information about the importance of the race, check out this article in Capital & Main.

For those who are willing and able, now is the time to sign up to be poll workers. The Dallas County Elections Department has a sign up form here.

Speaking of yard signs, the party has Biden signs available as do many of the active campaigns (neighbors such as Anchia, Moye, etc.) in the area. Please put them out to remind others that we no longer have straight ticket voting and we encourage everyone to vote the entire ballot, not just the top race.

Final Run to Election Day--Volunteer Opportunities

Normally the time between Labor Day and Election Day in November is the most intense for campaigning, registering voters, getting out the vote, etc. We are fortunate in Oak Cliff that our Democratic representatives at the State and Federal level are pretty safe and low risk to Republican challengers. This means we can and should be supporting other Democrats nearby that need help and have tougher races.

All of these efforts need volunteers and many can be done virtually (i.e. online or by phone). I'm providing some links for volunteer opportunities for anyone who is interested.

Voter Registration (now until October 5th, the last day to register):

Lots of people move between elections, young people finally get old enough to vote, etc. It used to be the case that you could just pick up a voter registration card at the library or DMV, but that's getting tougher. As a result many people do not have a current voter regstration or have never been registered. It's our time to get them ready to vote and help them out.

Step 1: verify your voter registration is current and update as required with the Dallas County Elections Department.

Step 2: volunteer to register voters. A number of groups are pushing voter registration in Dallas including the Democratic Party and the Texas Organizing Project.

Democratic Control of the Texas State House of Representatives and redistricting:

Democrats only need 9 more elected representatives to take control of the House. This is important because the primary focus of the 2021 legislative session will be redistricting and Democrats have been left out of the process the last few redistricting cycles thus reinforcing Republican dominance in both State and Federal elections. For more information on the 22 targeted races the Texas Democratic Party has a page here. Several of those key races are in Dallas County (Districts 108--Joanna Cattanach and 112--Brandy Chambers) so you can volunteer to help these candidates and/or donate money.

Elections (Early voting starts October 13th, Election Day November 3rd):

We will still have some in-person voting, including an election day voting mega-center at the American Airlines Center downtown and early voting. It is very important that we have as many Democratic poll workers as possible; we don't want to allow the Republicans to fill the election judge and poll worker positions. If your health permits, please sign up.

If you would like to be a poll worker (it's paid--not much), here is a link to sign up. For more information check the Dallas County Elections Poll Worker page.

Virtual Pints & Politics July 28th

Time again for our monthly Pints & Politics Happy Hour--virtual, of course. It will be on Tuesday, July 28th from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. If you are not receiving the reminders with the Zoom meeting info, submit a request to be added to the email list.

Last month we had Royce West on to speak with us, he was in the run off for Democratic US Senate candidate. Unfortunately for Royce, he did not win. M. J. Hegar will be the Democratic candidate for the US Senate this fall.

We also had Roberto Alonzo and Chrysta Casteneda, both from Oak Cliff who were the run off candidates for the Texas Railroad Commission. Chrysta won the run off and will be the Democratic candidate in the fall election.

As always, reduce your COVID-19 risk by wearing a mask in public, avoiding crowded confined areas and wash your hands frequently.

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