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Is Dallas QAnon curious?

For those who have been reading the news recently, you found out that apparently the God and Country Patriot Roundup (apparently QAnon is all about God and Country) will be held at the city owned Omni Hotel. Nothing surprising so far, no mask no worry! Open carry and open hate!

Oh, and to make it better, Gilley's is also holding events. Good times for all, walking down Botham Jean Blvd. from the Omni to Gilley's. Drinking, carrying guns and listening to the words of wisdom from Mike "Guilty as Sin" Flynn and Sidney "You're Kraken me up" Powell. Let the sedition begin!

We the people have a voice in all of this. Let our elected officials know that this is not what we want in our town. This is a clear and present danger to public safety. We don't want Dallas to be used for promoting violent organizations that are, as the FBI describes them, "domestic extremists". Since so many seditionists went to Washington from Frisco, maybe it should be held there.

Contact by email and phone the mayor Eric Johnson 214-670-3301 as well as all of the City Council members at this link:

Call the Omni Hotel at 214-744-6664

Call Gilley's Dallas at 214-421-2021

Talking points:

1. Danger to public safety from the same crew that stormed the Capitol.

2. Demand that the public be kept safe from armed, violent extremists.

3. Ask what the plan is to protect the immigrant children we are hosting in the convention center next door.

Tell your friends and neighbors. We need to shut this one down now.

#nohateindallas, #nodallasQcon



Property Insurance Clinic Saturday March 13th

"State Rep. Jessica Gonzalez is hosting a free property insurance clinic on Saturday, March 13 at the District Office--400 S Zang Blvd.
Because of the damage done by February's winter storm, Rep. Gonzalez is bringing the community together to host a free event for folks that may need help filing insurance claims. Volunteers will be present to help navigate the claim filing system, including bilingual volunteers. Please consider attending and please spread the word!
Here's the link to the Facebook event that includes a pre-registration form in Spanish and English:
Special thanks to Rep. Ana-Maria Ramos, the Mexican American Bar Association of Dallas and Councilman Omar Narváez for co-hosting this event with us!"

State Legislature--Winter Storm Blackout Hearings

The Texas House is planning on holding hearings on the winter storm blackouts starting on Thursday, February 25th at 9 AM. Hearing notice information and a link to the comment form are below.

Hearing notice

Comment form

Chrysta Castaneda's editorial in the Dallas Morning News is an interesting read.


Municipal elections--candidates for Oak Cliff districts

It's election season again, this time for local elections on May 1st 2021. The filing deadline for the Dallas City Council races was last week and here are the candidates for districts representing parts of Oak Cliff:

From the City Secretary's page:

District 1 (north part of Oak Cliff)

Chad West (incumbent)

Giovanni Valderas

Stephani Kyle

Gerardo Sanchez Corona

District 3 (south and west part of Oak Cliff)

Casey Thomas (incumbent)

Irby Foster

District 4 (east part of Oak Cliff, zoo, parts of Wynnewood)

Carolyn King Arnold (incumbent)

Maxie Johnson

Johnny Aguinaga

Matt Canto

Lelani Russell

District 6 (West Dallas, Arcadia Park, and far west parts of Oak Cliff)

Omar Narvaez (incumbent)

Monica Alonzo

Wendi Leigh Macon

Earl D. Thomas

Tony Carillo

Dallas ISD Trustee elections are for Districts 1, 3, and 9. None of those districts cover Oak Cliff.

So far no bond or other issues for the election have been announced, but anything is possible.

February 23rd virtual happy hour

Hey folks, I know it's freezing out there, so let's get together for our monthly Pints & Politics virtual happy hour! Last Tuesday of the month, February 23rd from 5:30 to 6:30. As usual, I will put the Zoom info in the email I blast out. If you aren't on the list, please use the contact link to get on it.


See you then!

January 26th Virtual Happy Hour

So far, none of our elected state officials is available, unfortunately. However this is a great opportunity to discuss how to lobby this year's legislative session, participate in committee testimony, etc. Also a good time to reflect on how Biden should approach managing the Pandemic, patching the holes that Trump put in the ship of state, and move a progressive agenda forward.

Now is a time to participate in and engage with elected officials at all levels of government. For example, local government is struggling with financial issues due to the pandemic, drop in sales taxes, need to fund testing/vaccination sites, etc. At the state level we have in addition, the post-census redistricting, struggles over school funding, the ever popular attempts by the right to ban abortion/birth control/LGBT.

We also have both a Dallas municipal and DISD election in May. Filing has begun and the deadline is February 12th. DISD is electing trustees for Districts 1(far north Dallas), 3(northeast Dallas), and 9(southeast Dallas). Most of us Oak Cliff folks live in DISD District 7 (Ben Mackey) who is not up for re-election until May 2022.

Next virtual Pints and Politics Happy Hour: Tuesday January 26th 5:30-6:30 PM. Zoom invite will be sent out to the email list, so make sure you are signed up!



Last Virtual Happy Hour for 2020 on December 29th

It's our last virtual happy hour for 2020, coming up on Tuesday December 29th from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Zoom information will be emailed out to the list as usual. If you are not on our email list, please sign up to get the updates!

So, our topic for discussion: should Ken Paxton lose his law license, be thrown under the bus/bar/whatever for filing a seditious lawsuit? If elected officials use the courts to prevent the voters' will should they be charged with sedition?


Hey if you didn't catch us in person, Gene recorded part of the Zoom session for his Saturday Workers Beat program on KNON.

Virtual Happy Hour tomorrow, Tuesday November 24th

Hey just a quick reminder we will have our monthly virtual pints and politics happy hour on Tuesday November 24th from 5:30-6:30PM. Login details are in the reminder email sent to everyone on our list.


Georgia Senatorial runoff reminder

As most of you are aware, we have very few local races going to a runoff. The high profile races are in Georgia where the Republicans are trying to keep two incumbents in place against very strong Democratic challengers.

One way to help is to support Fair Fight, the organization that Stacey Abrams founded to mobilize Georgia voters. Really worked well for Biden's campaign, and I'm sure contributed to the Warnock and Ossoff runoffs.

You can also support the New Georgia Project to bring young voters to the polls and engage them in the political process.

Pints & Politics Virtual Happy Hour Tuesday October 27th!

Pints and Politics Virtual Happy Hour

Just a reminder, we have our monthly Virtual Happy Hour coming on Tuesday October 27th from 5:30 to 6:30. Zoom info is in the email sent out prior to every meeting. If you are not on our email list, please register through the website Contact page.

Voter Intimidation by Armed Militias

So what do you do if you think a group is intimidating voters at a polling place? Interesting problem, unfortunately likely somewhere in Dallas County during this election. Georgetown Law has put together not only guidance on what constitutes voter intimidation, but also state by state guidance on what constitutes unlawful militias. Keep in mind that carrying weapons into a polling place is illegal in Texas, as would be brandishing them to threaten voters. When in doubt, document using video and still photos, call election protection at 866-687-8683 and, if you feel your safety is threatened, call 911.

Georgetown Law's fact sheet on voter intimidation laws is worth reading for background on what is considered illegal intimidation activity. The Georgetown Law fact sheet on unlawful militias in Texas is also worth reading to understand what constitutes an illegal militia. It's on the ICAP unlawful paramilitaries information page. Keep in mind that since Reconstruction, such militias have been banned in Texas.

Send these links to your friends, elected officials and people you know in law enforcement. Don't allow armed gangs to intimidate voters or prevent the expression of free speech.

Online Discussion

Social Venture Partners is presenting an online discussion on Tuesday, October 13th.

Nan Aron (Alliance for Justice), Mimi Marziani (Texas Civil Rights Project), Justin Moore (Civil Rights Attorney), and Miguel Solis (Dallas ISD Trustee) discussing political issues most pressing for our communities, their histories and potential, as well as outlining how people and organizations might powerfully collaborate to shape them.

Zoom link



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