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Pints & Politics Virtual Happy Hour Tuesday October 27th!

Pints and Politics Virtual Happy Hour

Just a reminder, we have our monthly Virtual Happy Hour coming on Tuesday October 27th from 5:30 to 6:30. Zoom info is in the email sent out prior to every meeting. If you are not on our email list, please register through the website Contact page.

Voter Intimidation by Armed Militias

So what do you do if you think a group is intimidating voters at a polling place? Interesting problem, unfortunately likely somewhere in Dallas County during this election. Georgetown Law has put together not only guidance on what constitutes voter intimidation, but also state by state guidance on what constitutes unlawful militias. Keep in mind that carrying weapons into a polling place is illegal in Texas, as would be brandishing them to threaten voters. When in doubt, document using video and still photos, call election protection at 866-687-8683 and, if you feel your safety is threatened, call 911.

Georgetown Law's fact sheet on voter intimidation laws is worth reading for background on what is considered illegal intimidation activity. The Georgetown Law fact sheet on unlawful militias in Texas is also worth reading to understand what constitutes an illegal militia. It's on the ICAP unlawful paramilitaries information page. Keep in mind that since Reconstruction, such militias have been banned in Texas.

Send these links to your friends, elected officials and people you know in law enforcement. Don't allow armed gangs to intimidate voters or prevent the expression of free speech.

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