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Is Dallas QAnon curious?

For those who have been reading the news recently, you found out that apparently the God and Country Patriot Roundup (apparently QAnon is all about God and Country) will be held at the city owned Omni Hotel. Nothing surprising so far, no mask no worry! Open carry and open hate!

Oh, and to make it better, Gilley's is also holding events. Good times for all, walking down Botham Jean Blvd. from the Omni to Gilley's. Drinking, carrying guns and listening to the words of wisdom from Mike "Guilty as Sin" Flynn and Sidney "You're Kraken me up" Powell. Let the sedition begin!

We the people have a voice in all of this. Let our elected officials know that this is not what we want in our town. This is a clear and present danger to public safety. We don't want Dallas to be used for promoting violent organizations that are, as the FBI describes them, "domestic extremists". Since so many seditionists went to Washington from Frisco, maybe it should be held there.

Contact by email and phone the mayor Eric Johnson 214-670-3301 as well as all of the City Council members at this link:

Call the Omni Hotel at 214-744-6664

Call Gilley's Dallas at 214-421-2021

Talking points:

1. Danger to public safety from the same crew that stormed the Capitol.

2. Demand that the public be kept safe from armed, violent extremists.

3. Ask what the plan is to protect the immigrant children we are hosting in the convention center next door.

Tell your friends and neighbors. We need to shut this one down now.

#nohateindallas, #nodallasQcon



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